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Empower your teachers

Build a future-ready faculty with EdQwest  

Prepare for tomorrow’s challenges while solving today’s problems with EdQwest, a full suite of short videos covering the complete IB DP syllabus.

A new way of teaching, freeing up teacher and class time for livelier debates and critical thinking.

Online assignments made easy with separate question banks for teachers and students.

A new interactive system for tracking student progress.


Directionality of RNA and DNA and the structure of a nucleosome

Subject: IB Biology

Topic: Nucleic Acids

Episode: 7

How does DNA store all that genetic information?


Motion Of Charges in Magnetic Fields

Subject: IB Physics

Topic: Electricity & Magnetism

Episode: 22

(HL) This video takes us deeper into the mechanics governing the motion of electric charges inside magnetic fields.

Empower your students

Equip your students with the latest technology for better results  

Create a level playing field for all students.

Students watch video lessons prepared by top IB examiners and teachers before going to class, learning at their own pace, bringing out the best in them. A tool to engage the shyest of students!

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Adding Value  

  • Giving teachers a tool designed for them
  • Being at the forefront of EdTech
  • Relief to parents by mitigating the need for private tuition
  • Embracing the trend towards blended and micro-learning
  • Learning continues despite teacher absence or turnover
  • Students learn at their own pace – leaving nobody behind
  • Better overall results!

Engaging Videos

Students sharpen their knowledge with 1000, short 15-minute videos covering the full IB DP syllabus of Maths AA & AI, Physics, Economics and Chemistry, with more subjects on the way.

Pause/rewind videos to embed knowledge - a new learning experience in small 'bytes'!


Question Banks

Students can test their knowledge after watching each lesson with multiple-choice questions.

A separate question bank for teachers allows for easier preparation of assignments. Teachers can upload their own questions and share these with other teachers across the globe.


Interactive Assessment

A powerful interactive assessment tool in the hands of teachers makes following a student or overall class progress seamless.

Illustrative graphs highlight topics a student is struggling with. Analytics make it easier to follow aggregate class progress.