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Learning Differences


5 Myths about Dyscalculia

Often nicknamed “math dyslexia,” dyscalculia is less studied, less understood and less frequently diagnosed than its reading counterpart. Yet, it impacts millions of children. This article breaks down five pervasive myths about mathematical learning disability:

“If your child has dyscalculia or is struggling with math, you need quick information to make smart decisions for your child. Here, we debunk common myths about dyscalculia to help you separate fact from … " (Read more from Understood)





Common Core Aligned Math Tools

Common core’s approach to math can seem daunting - without the right support. These apps and websites , all teacher approved, are at your fingertips:

With adaptive programs that adjust to individual student strengths, games that build critical-thinking and logic-based skills, and sites that get students collaborating on mathematical problems, you're sure to find a tool that fits your preferred teaching style. From counting and basic operations to algebra and trigonometry, these math apps, games, and websites cover essential math skills in…(Read More from Common Sense Media)



9 Ways to Read as a Family

Family reading more than just story time before bed. These fun, free activities help you create a culture of literacy in your home:

Choose a story your family knows well — like a well-read book or fairytale — and act out the beginning, middle, and end of the story. If you have more family than characters, a few could do the acting and the others can be the audience or be the narrator. This activity helps readers reexamine and understand storylines and … (Read More from Scholastic)



How Much Screen Time is Too Much?

Ever wonder if your kids are too often absorbed in screens? You’re not alone. Not all screen time is created equal, though. Here’s how to evaluate their usage and set the right limit without going too far:

Kids are spending more time with screen media -- and at younger ages -- than ever before. But there really is no magic number that's "just right." What's more important is the quality of kids' media and how it fits into their -- and your family's -- lifestyle…(Read More from Common Sense Media)

Whole Child Development


The Super 5

The National PTA and Scholastic teamed up to create this high-impact list of parenting best practices. Follow their top 5 strategies to get the most from the coming school year:

Every year, your child is expected to meet specific learning goals in math and English language arts. These goals emphasize skills such as critical thinking, problem solving and…(Read More from National PTA and Scholastic)

General Studies


What to Do While Waitlisted

If you’re waitlisted from your ideal independent school, you can sit on your thumbs, hoping for the best. Or you can take action. This 5-step action plan makes it easy to be proactive:

Take a deep breath. If a decision doesn't result exactly as you had hoped, these situations have an uncanny habit of working out for the best. Being put on the waiting list means that the school believes you fit with their student body, but your application was not as…(Read more from AdmissionsQuest)

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